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If you’re already investing in dividend stocks and seeing steady, consistent income then Congratulations, you’re already head and shoulders above most investors.

But what if I told you there’s a way to COMPOUND that income?

That there’s a tool that takes what you’re going to pull in with the dividend stocks you’re already holding and will pile on even MORE income. By adding this to your existing strategies, you’re in essence DOUBLING your income potential again. What I’m talking about here is called:

30 Day Dividends

30 Day Dividends uses short holding periods for maximum profits and minimal risk.
30 Day Dividends uses short holding periods for maximum profits and minimal risk.

This is another one of my powerful tools that is made to not replace in any way what my regular income service, The Dividend Hunter, provides, but to complement and supplement the results you’re already getting.

You see, the focus of 30 Day Dividends will be to recommend stocks that will provide opportunities for relatively fast, attractive profits around potential dividend payouts. (And no, this is not another dividend capture strategy.)

The information you’ll get from this newsletter will let you be nimble.

It will let you move fast.

It will let you bounce in and out of the market, making quick hits that pull in big profits.

How does it work?

Let me tell you how it operates.

First off it looks for investments that are considered Special Dividends. It finds those companies that will pay large, one-time dividends as a bonus to investors. Some stocks do this fairly regularly and there are other ways to ferret out stocks that have a high probability of paying a special dividend. There is seriously strong profit potential within these special dividend type stocks, and you can expect to earn up to 10% or more in a VERY short period of time.

The next tactic in this newsletter involves International Stocks trading as ADRs. You’ll find that dividend-paying companies outside of the U.S. often do not follow the U.S. practice of steady quarterly dividends.

30 Day Dividends gets around that by finding and recommending companies that pay large dividends at odd times of the year. The recommendations will be to buy shares, earn the dividend and get out. The timing of the buy and sell dates will help you further maximize the profits of these trades.

The next trick up my sleeve: Variable Dividend Payers.

There exists a group of U.S. companies with full profit payout policies and operate in industries where profits can vary a lot from quarter to quarter and year to year. I understand the underlying factors that cause profits to swing and will recommend when to buy shares on the cheap to profit when the dividends swing again to the high side. This strategy aims to produce long term holdings where the dividend earnings are well above what you’d expect from typical dividend stocks.

Income Stock IPOs: When new REIT and MLP stocks hit the market the share prices follow a different trajectory than widely followed “hot new stock” IPOs.

What else do I show you in this newsletter? How about stocks with Large Dividend Increases?

I’m an expert in finding companies that are projected to significantly increase the regular dividend rate due to cash flow increases and past history of how those increases have been paid to investors.

Much of the benefit of this approach will be to pick the buy and sell timing points to maximize the returns from the upcoming or predicted dividend events. Again, not a dividend capture strategy, rather taking advantage of market actions.

For example, it may be more profitable to buy before a dividend announcement and sell on the news and price increase, rather than buying to earn the dividend itself. Much of the analysis will be price pattern recognition around dividend events.

–> Recommended stock holding periods will be a few weeks to several months, except for those that we are trying to accumulate on the cheap. This means you’re money isn’t tied up in and exposed to the market any longer than it has to be.

I know about a couple of dozen stocks right now that can fit into these categories. Other opportunities will arise as I research stocks for the regular stock income newsletter. With the base letter the focus is on higher yielding stocks that provide a stable and predictable income along with dividend and share price increases. Special situations offer higher returns obtained by trading in and out of the selected income stocks.

That’s the thinking behind what I have built into my 30 Day Dividends service.

This portfolio changing information will be delivered via email and online every week… like clockwork.

You’ll hear from me often enough that you won’t ever miss any big moves.

We locked in our first double digit gain in the first month, and more are on the way.

So if you consider yourself an investor who’s looking for income from stocks and willing to accept some additional risk to time the profits from increasing dividend payouts or capital appreciation from general market interest in those special payouts then this service is perfect for you.

So the questions is:

Are you OK with just making just a tiny amount every month?

Or losing every month?

Or are you ready to start investing in safe income stocks that will produce quick dividend payouts and share price gains, all with the click of a button?

Delivered to your inbox like clockwork.

If you’re ready to multiply your income streams, then press “add cart button” now.

Fly, land or die,

Tim Plaehn

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